24-Hour Towing

Dash Recovery offers the most dependable and efficient towing service in South Texas. When you're stuck with no way out, we'll be there to help! With over 15 years of experience, our professional and friendly technicians have the knowledge and equipment to get your vehicle out of any situation. If you had a collision, don't leave your vehicle unattended. We are legally able to tow your vehicle safely to where it needs to go next.

Our 24-Hour Towing Service Includes:

Emergency towing 
-All vehicles up to 1 ton.

Take 3 transportation

-We are licensed to transport your vehicle.

We Help When You're Stuck In:

Contracted, private party repossessions

Vehicle accidents






Repo And Recovery

Dash Recovery provides professional and prompt auto repossession and recovery service to Corpus Christi, Austin and all of South Texas. We are driven to continually offer the best repossession service in South Texas.

We're known for our commitment to customer satisfaction and we never drop the ball on a job. We do our own skip tracing allowing us to work overtime to quickly find the vehicle! 

 Repossession and Recovery services 

Contracted, private party repossessions

Impound facility 

-Fenced in, surveillance, and attendant on-premises.

Skip tracing

-We do our own skip tracing and field work.

24-hour assistance

- We are dedicated to getting the job done no matter what time day or night.

All vehicle makes and models

Recreational vehicles, all terrain vehicles


Heavy duty equipment